Cellphone Cinema

"Tools do not a Craftsman Make"

Everything you need to create great video is right in the palm of your hand. Its true! Have you have been struggling with getting your videos to "look right"? It has nothing to do with the tools and everything to do with your technique. Cellphone Cinematography will walk you through the fundamental principles of video. Learn the core principles and best practices in:


With a few simple adjustments you'll take your videos to the next level. . You don't need bulky and expensive equipment to start making compelling videos . All you need is a little coaching. Start publishing beautiful videos where you are with what you have.

Copyeditor and proofreader extraordinaire, Crys Wood at Paper Crane Publishing put it this way:

"If you've not done video because you think you need better equipment, this little book is for you.

If you (like me) haven't done video because you don't know how to 'do it right', then this is definitely for you, you danged perfectionist. #Igetit

And if you're already doing video but aren't getting the results you want, want to fill in the inevitable knowledge gaps of the self-taught, or even just confirm that you're doing all you can, then this is for you, too."

"You don't need a golden hammer, if you know how to swing a hammer"

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